Do you that Coronavirus can also be transmitted through the eyes?

Our eyes might play an important role in the spread and prevention of the new virus outbreak seen throughout the world, as it is so contagious it can be transmitted through the eyes, so don't forget to protect your eyes too while wearing face masks. These eye protection goggles can not only block saliva droplets, splash, and dust but also effectively isolate viruses.  

There goggles are used for high-speed particle impact and liquid splash damage protection for woodworking protection, laboratories, factories, construction sites and other places where eye protection is required.

Note: Everytime you used them outdoor, please spray with 75% alcohol afterwards before you use them again. Stay safe & healthy!


*1. Lenses: PET
*2. Frame/Plug: PVC
*3. Size: 183 x 80 mm

*1. These eye protection goggles with PET waterproof, shockproof lenses, impact-resistant, and soft large frame can block fluid splash, dust, wind and keep you safe and healthy during work or other occasion.
*2. Designed to fit over most prescription eye wear, the wraparound construction provides a perfect fit and seal. 180-degree wide and clear lenses ensure the vision, prevent distortion or deformation of objects. The coating on the lenses can prevent mist from attaching for a good anti-fog effect.
*3. The frame with 183 mm long and 80 mm high is large enough to cover your eyes also contain a pair of glasses so that you can wear your glasses with these goggles. The rim is soft and flexible to ensure proper fit and comfort.
*4. Soft and smooth PVC material fits your skin without hurt and strain to provide good protection and sealing effect. And the air vents on the frame enhance air circulation, anti-fogging and stuffy-free.
*5. Stretchable headband fits your head well, 10 mm wide is comfortable to wear.

Package Includes:
1 x goggle

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