Meghan Markle Wore Basic Sunglasses, So I Want Basic Sunglasses

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I like to consider myself non-basic when it comes to my style, but I've always appreciated it for its succinctness. Which is to say I don't consider 'basic's a derogatory term. It reflects the standard median in a bell curve that, when concerning fashion, places crotch-holed sweatpants at one end of the spectrum and couture at the other. Basic is average, which is natural. Need an easy top? Go for the silk, collarless button down. Who needs unflattering jeans when high-waisted skinnies are a go-to? And as Mindy Kaling noted, skinny, Matrix-esque sunglasses loved by Bella Hadid & Co. are ripe with future embarrassment. Avoalre Polarizing Sunglasses trends like X-girl frames are meant to live hard, die young. (But they will inevitably return decades later).

I own not one, not two, but four pairs of skinny sunglasses, so I'm no stranger to the shame. That's why I appreciate the world of solid basics—and few embody that style as well as the actual people's princess, Meghan Markle.

During a recent outing with her fiancé (you know, that royal guy), she wore a pair of sunglasses anyone can pull off. They are basic-iest basic thing you could and should have: black sunglasses in a compromising and therefore universally flattering rectangular-yet-circular silhouette. This isn't the Markle Effect, because this is not a trend. Let's just recognize and appreciate that Meghan knows what a solid pair of sunnies look like.

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