As avid sunglass lovers, we felt there was a void in the market. We recognized the struggle to find the perfect mix of style, quality and affordability- the trifecta of sunglass success if you will, as surely many of you have also discovered yourself. Why can’t a pair just have it all? So with intense enthusiasm and a clear desire to disrupt without compromise, Avoalre was born. Who are we? We’re a company centered on fashion and practicality and excellence. Our shades are for us, for anyone and for everyone. Join us on our journey to see the change.



Sunglasses aren’t just a necessity, but also an accessory these days. While protection is still of upmost importance, we know that people want to slide on something they look and feel great in- a pair that’s there to protect vision, but in the most stylish way. Sure, high-end designer sunglasses tend to meet design and quality expectations, but they also tend to break the bank, right? That’s where we come in, to meet the fashion-conscious, budget-conscious elitist in all of us.


Avoalre sunglasses are for your first date, your next thrilling adventure and everything in between. From everyday wear to skiing on the highest peak in Montana to catching some rays in paradise, we’ve got you covered (more specifically your eyes). We want you to get outside and enjoy nature with confidence and peace of mind and with more $$$ in your pocket to spend on memories to be made. Wear them, rock them and it’s okay if you accidentally crush them or lose them, because life happens.


Why pick one pair when you can have them all? Sunglass monogamy is a thing of the past.



On top of extremely high standards for craftsmanship, thanks to the innovative e-commerce business model known as ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) we’re able to work with many of the top designers, manufacturers, facilities and materials out there. And it’s not just our product that’s better. It’s our customer service, dedication to detail and true passion that sets us apart from the competition. 


Avoalre sunglasses are meticulously handcrafted, from our polished stainless steel frames to our delicate inlays and super-durable lenses. We strive to make each pair as universally flattering and comfortable as possible, and with polarization to reduce glare, enhance colors and shield 100% UVA and UVB rays, protection never looked and felt so good. We’re sure our shades will be your favorite for many years to come.


From vintage to sporty to anti-blue light glasses, we’ve already served tens of thousands of customers. Through the lens of Avoalre these individuals have seen the world, and we’d be thrilled to serve you next. After all, you are our inspiration. Trends may come and go, but a trusty pair of sunglasses will always be in style. So take a closer look at our variety of frames, and then you decide how to make them your own.