Hey lovelies! Today I’ll be reviewing a pair of sunglasses that were sent to me by Avolare Sunglasses. I was so ecstatic about the opportunity because I absolutely fell in love with their trendy and affordable selections! I have such an obsession with sunglasses. Seriously. I have a plethora of styles and colors to coordinate with different outfits and I also carry an extra pair in my husbands car as well as my purse. My eyes have always been light sensitive which is why I carry backups at all times. . It’s just one of those things that I can’t leave the house without. After all, they are one of the best accessories you can rock all year ’round!

Avoalre sunglasses come in a variety of styles for men and woman, including sport and anti-blue light sunglasses. They all provide 100% UVA/UVB protection! You will be amazed at the quality you’re getting for the affordable price tag. When I received my package, the sunglasses arrived with a cleaning cloth and protective case. They offer free shipping in the US and no hassle back returns. They even provide a 1 year warranty on all sunglasses. How awesome is that?!? That’s hard to find for this price point.

I picked out the style Rose Wine which has a round metal frame shape and a beautiful rose tone. I love them! They are really fashionable and I chose them because I knew they would compliment my face shape. Have you ever worn a pair of  sunglasses that felt heavy as they rested on your face? That can be uncomfortable! You won’t get that from these sunglasses. They are so lightweight and comfortable, I almost forgot I was wearing them. I also noticed that the nose pads didn’t leave any indentation marks. This was a big deal for me. I wear my sunglasses for long periods and I hate when they leave marks around my nose. I wore them for a good solid 2 hours today since we went to a birthday party that was outdoors. It was so sunny today and over 100 degrees. The lenses really kept my eyes protected from the sun’s glare. When I put them on I could tell they were high quality. Because these are polarized, the clarity of the sunglasses give objects and details a much sharper image. Such a luxury and bonus!  If you  accidentally drop your shades, you don’t have to worry about them getting scratched. These sunglasses are scratch-resistant and come with a 1 year warranty as I mentioned before!

Living in California where it’s always sunny, sunglasses are a MUST! Because I wear sunglasses all of the time, I lose them and break them quite often. This really makes it hard for me to justify spending a fortune on one pair. I really noticed the difference today between polarized and non polarized sunglasses. If your looking for fashionable, high quality, and affordable sunglasses, I highly recommend Avoalre Sunglasses! Check them out at https://avoalre.net/ . Use code SummerVibe to get 40% off your purchase. I know you’ll enjoy them as much as I do :) Avoalre Sunglasses Review.