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Avoalre Blue Light Blocking Glasses, Computer Glasses Filter to 98% Digital Blue Lights Reduce Eye Strain and Migraine, Improve Sleep, Amber Tinted Lenses, Black Lightweight Stainless Steel Frames

Avoalre Blue Light Blocking Glasses, Computer Glasses Filter to 98% Digital Blue Lights Reduce Eye Strain and Migraine, Improve Sleep, Amber Tinted Lenses, Black Lightweight Stainless Steel Frames

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Brand: Avoalre

Color: Black-ya04


  • 【Blocking Digital Blue Lights】- Avoalre's patented blue-light blocking polycarbonate lenses are crafted with latest Spectrum Control Technology, promising to filter out up to 98% of the most harmful range of artificial blue light (with a dominant wavelength between 435 and 495 nm). As overexposure to blue lights can lead to digital eyestrain, impaired retina, disrupted sleep patterns and circadian rhythms, you might want to keep a capable set of blue-light blocking glasses on your desk.
  • 【Alleviating Digital Eyestrain & Improving Sleep】- With FDA and CE Approval, Avoalre blue-light blocking glasses will effectively reduce eye fatigue, blurry vision, headache and other symptoms that normally come with staring at digital screens for long periods of time; all the lenses have an anti-reflective coating on the reverse side to minimise screen glare; will help you stay focused and improve your work efficiency; wearing them before bedtime will even help you sleep better.
  • 【Improved Night Vision】- Amber tinted lenses offer better defence from harmful blue lights than clear lenses; meanwhile provide maximum protection against ultraviolet radiation and UV400; fully capable of filtering distracting fluorescent and LED lighting that affect your night vision, making it safer for night-time driving in the hours of darkness.
  • 【Lightweight & Tough Frames】- These lightweight (weighing in at less than 10 grams) frames are handcrafted from German engineered ultra-thin stainless steel sheets; feature a more flexible and resilient hinge design with no screws or welded joints; cutting-edge ion plating technology has made the exterior more resistant to water, oil, sweat and other forms of tearing and fraying; with adjustable and replaceable silicone nose pads and tips, will make a comfortable fit for almost any face.
  • 【Sleek, Minimalist Silhouettes】- Sophisticated look combined with a subtle hint of post-modern simplicity; these glasses will not only provide protection against harmful digital blue lights and screen glare but also an added bonus to your wardrobe. Each set of Avoalre blue light blocking glasses come with a lifetime breakage warranty. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need any help with your purchase.

Part Number: BGXKHSJP63892

Details: Dimension: Yellow 01 :53*19*148
Yellow 03:57*19*140

Where can you find blue lights?

High-energy and shortwave blue light-the root of eye damage. Blue light generally lies in light source of smartphone, computer, TV, tablet PC, LED etc 3C electronic devices.

Why we need blue light blocking spectacles?

Blue light is the important part of the visible light.
It can directly penetrate the crystal to the retina of the eye, and it will cause optical damage to our eye and eye disease.
Our life is filled with artificial blue light from electronic devices, such as computer, smartphone, and energy saving lamp, etc.
Wearing professional blue light blocking glasses can block UV rays and radiation and filter blue light.
It is very suitable for watching TV, computer and other electronic devices.
It can reduce the stimulation from blue light and keep you away from suffering sore eye and headache, relieve eye fatigue.

Integrated nose pad fits roman nose, the radian design of leg can reduce the pressure of the ear. High quality hinge enjoys a long lifespan.

These eyekeepers are perfectly for those who work on the computer for a long time everyday, students, mobile phone gens and so on, you can wear to work, study, play games and go shopping, etc.

Package Dimensions: 6.3 x 2.4 x 2.4 inches

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